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PSWIFT Filmmakers Lab

About Us

"Educating filmmakers one frame at a time"

A program of Palm Springs Women in Film & Television (PSWIFT), our Filmmakers Lab was created in February 2020 when our then President, the amazing Kim Waltrip, had the idea to develop a committee with a concept of creating an environment where our seasoned members with a ton of experience in making films could teach those with a desire to explore that world while actually making films.

At our first meeting, an idea was born and a final script for “Accidental Date” was locked on March 18, 2020 right as COVID-19 hit.

In July 2020, “Aftermath” production began with Eileen Davidson signing on to star. The Filmmakers Lab was able to make both films in the middle of the pandemic using all proper precautions.

Following both films, a talk show series "PS After Dark with host Tristan Rogers" was added in Summer of 2021 and is currently on YouTube. In late 2022, our third project, "The Splendor of You" was shot and released in the summer of 2023.


In the Spring of 2023 we partnered with Stage 32 to host a Screenwriters Contest to find our fourth project and "Exit Interview" was selected and shot in December 2023, expected to premiere in Spring 2024.

All films are entered into short festivals around the world. Our first film, "Accidental Date" received ten accolades. All involved receive IMDB credits.


The Crew

The People of Filmmakers Lab

Kim Waltrip

Director, Producer, Chairperson

Kate Spates

Director, Producer, Product Placement

Carolyn Moloshco

Writer, Director, Producer, Props, Craft Services

Patti Gribow

Director, Producer

Andrea Carter

Producer, Production Coordinator, Wardrobe, Makeup

Renae Madore

Wardrobe, Props,

Set Design

Steven Ciceron


Elli Tourje


Stacy Casaluci


Caryl Eagle

Production Design

Silva Mirzoian.jpg
Silva Mirzoian

Production Design, Product Placement, Stand-in

Janice Lopez

Location Services

Cindy Shoemaker

Production Accountant

Kristin Johnson

Extra, craft services

Join the Crew

Must be a Palm Springs Women in Film & Television (PSWIFT) member to participate in the Filmmakers Lab.

Many of our members are currently working writers, producers, directors, crew etc. and have a tremendous amount of experience.  They were mentoring those who are looking to break into the industry or bring their specific talents to our community.

What better way to learn how to make a film than to go make one?! Join PSWIFT, then let us know you are interested in joining the crew by completing the Volunteer form.


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